The Company offers the most advanced integrated solutions for toll roads of European quality. We use the latest building technologies, sophisticated equipment by top manufacturers, and our own unique designs unrivalled in Russia.

For the first time Russian roads see fast lanes for toll collection plazas with an unprecedented capacity. Also, the automatic non-stop MULTI-LANE FREE FLOW road system is being introduced.

The system is coordinated by a single control post with an automated traffic control system, and a toll collection system which also collects and processes information on the current traffic situation and provides feedback to road users.


  • Western High Speed Diameter (St. Petersburg) is Russia’s first toll road built in a city
    • Southern Section
    • Northern Section
  • Federal highway M1 “Belarus”, access to the Ring Road
  • Federal highway M4 “Don”, the Voronezh region (544th to 620th km)
  • Federal highway M4 “Don”, the Voronezh region (517Th to 544th km)
  • Federal highway M4 “Don”, the Tula region (225Th to 260th km)