Today, the market of telecommunications, computers, cross connect equipment, information systems and networks is particularly diverse and varied. This is why building a modern information system or a communication network is impossible without unification of designs, standards and parameters. Today’s networks and communication systems are based on a tiered communication structure.

We offer solutions for multiservice networks, which involve state-of-the-art network technologies providing a single environment for data transfer, telephony, video conferencing, process communication etc.

Before starting a project, we design the entire concept: model, structure, functions of and relationship between components of a complex facility.

The concept determines:

  • The necessary level of security
  • Complexity of the equipment
  • Qualitative characteristics of the network
  • Technologies to be used for building the network

Today, there are several international standards for network architectures.

Data may be transmitted via optical fibre cables, which link elements within information networks. Optical fibre is mainly used in construction projects where a structured cabling system is needed to link communication system elements in a tower building, in a widespread building, or in several individual buildings.

The art of system integration consists in choosing the optimal technology combination to suit the client’s needs.